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Fraser Island

After journeying to Sydney and canyoning in the Blue Mountains, Katie, Julie, Lyle, and I ventured up the west coast to a small town called Hervey Bay.  We only had a few days left in Australia at this point, and our plan was to visit Fraser Island nearby.  Fraser Island is the largest island on the east coast of Australia and a popular tourist destination for locals.  It has over 100 miles of beach and it is best explored by 4wd, so we rented our Land Rover in Hervey Bay and took an afternoon ferry to the island.

Lyle admiring the wreckage of the S.S. Maheno
Lyle admiring the wreckage of the S.S. Maheno

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Blue Mountains

From Sydney, we hopped on the train and traveled west for about an hour to the small town of Katoomba.  Here we met up with a tour guide that took us into the Blue Mountains for some cliffside traversals and rappels.  The day was broken into a morning and afternoon session.  We spent all morning learning the basics of ropework and did two rappels along a cliff.

Julie preparing for a free rappel
Julie preparing for a free rappel

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After departing Christchurch, our group separated.  Most of us (Katie, Julie, Monica, Matt, Lyle) ventured to Cairns, Australia for a few days of scuba and snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef.  However, Justin preferred to stay safely inland and instead opted to visit Uluru (aka Ayers Rock).  After a few days, we would all reunite in Sydney.

The group separated from Christchurch (Blue=Justin, Orange=Everyone else)
The group separated from Christchurch (Blue=Justin, Orange=Everyone else)

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New Zealand + Australia

In a few weeks, we will be departing on another trip.  It’s been 1.5 years since our last group globetrotting expedition, so we’re long overdue.   Here’s a rough itinerary –

  1. New Zealand North Island – 5 days
  2. New Zealand South Island – 5 days
  3. Cairns, Australia and Great Barrier Reef – 3 days
  4. Sydney, Australia – 2 days
  5. Fraser Island and Sunshine Coast – 5 days

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