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Geneva Part 2

Katie wrote this post

Day 2:  Geneva is known for its watch-making and is home to multiple world-known watch brands including Rolex. There is even a walking tour for watch enthusiasts. It starts with what is known as the “flower clock.” This clock features the world’s longest second hand at 2.5 meters long and over 6,500 flowers (these are changed throughout the year, so the clock is always flowing even in the winter). Unfortunately, the first time that we stopped by, the clock was in flower transition and a complete mess!

Flower clock under construction
Flower clock under construction

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DISCLAIMER: Julie wrote this post as well.

We left Paris for the relaxing countryside of Switzerland.  While its very beautiful, it’s also very expensive so we have been cooking all of our meals…turns out Matt is quite the cook!  We hiked up the base of Schilthorn, however, due to waist high snow we were unable to continue the trek to the top.  But no need to worry we found a way!  We took the lift…what a genius idea 🙂 The view was gorgeous and we could see for miles!

pretty waterfall
pretty waterfall

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Gimmelwald Part 1: Hiking in Alps

Matt and Lyle left last Thursday.  It’s been one week since I’ve seen a familiar face or place.  Traveling alone in Europe isn’t scary.  Even though I am alone, I’m not lonely at all; I’ve met several locals and fellow travelers.  Some of the people here put my itinerary to shame.  I met a young man yesterday who sold all of his possessions and has been backpacking around the world non-stop for over a year.  I met another older gentleman who has spent eight months per year for the past 12 years traveling aimlessly from place to place.

I left Bern on Tuesday and headed southwest toward Interlaken.  From Interlaken, I took a series of trains and lifts up to a small mountain town called Gimmelwald.  This is one of the most untouched areas of the Swiss Alps and is certainly one of the most remote places I’ve ever been in.

In Gimmelwald, Switzerland

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Yesterday, I arrived in Bern, Switzerland via incredibly long and scenic trains from Italy.  I wasn’t expecting to stay here more than one night, I was a little surprised that I had booked a two night stay.  Apparently I don’t know my itinerary as well as I thought.

I spent most of the day today walking around exploring the city as well as visiting the Einstein Haus and Museum.

Bern, Switzerland

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