New Zealand + Australia

In a few weeks, we will be departing on another trip.  It’s been 1.5 years since our last group globetrotting expedition, so we’re long overdue.   Here’s a rough itinerary –

    1. New Zealand North Island – 5 days
    2. New Zealand South Island – 5 days
    3. Cairns, Australia and Great Barrier Reef – 3 days
    4. Sydney, Australia – 2 days
    5. Fraser Island and Sunshine Coast – 5 days

This is definitely one of the most complicated trips that we’ve planned yet.  Here’s everyone that’s going –

Justin and KatieJustin and Katie have kept busy in Utah.  Justin started a Masters in Engineering program and is also working towards a pilots license on the side.  Katie is still hard at work on her PhD in Robotics and has picked up a serious photography hobby, so the pictures on this trip should be great.

LyleLyle is still enjoying a semi-nomadic lifestyle.  Currently his home base is in Denver, but he’s been sighted in Nebraska and Utah as well.  This trip will be especially epic for him as he’s going to try living in Australia for a few months and pick up an accent.

MattMatt has been a regular on our trips and perhaps the most excited out of all of us to cross the Pacific.  Besides working for Apple, he’s been keeping busy around Denver and recently returned from a trip to London.

JulieJulie enjoyed our last Europe excursion so much, that she couldn’t resist the opportunity to venture further.  Normally, she would be training for her next high-endurance race, but lately she’s been planning our Sydney and Great Barrier Reef activities.

MonicaKatie and Julie’s cousin, Monica, is joining us as well.  As a PA, she will be bringing much needed medical knowledge to keep us out of harm’s way.