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Total Expenses

I’ve had a couple people ask me how much I spent on my 55 day European tour.  Here’s the breakdown.

I spent quite a bit on food.
Airfare $1362
Railway $1171
Lodging $2032
Rental car + gas $165
Everything else:
restaurants, groceries, entrance fees, etc
Total $8047


It was definitely worth it.  Obviously, there are hundreds of ways that I could have saved money throughout the trip.  Stay tuned for a follow-up post on my “lessons learned” from the summer.


After enjoying my time in Berchtesgaden, I took a train back to Salzburg and continued onto Vienna.  I had high hopes for Vienna, because of the art and opera scene.  However, I seemed to have eaten some bad schnitzel pizza and found myself ill for most of Vienna.

I’ve already convinced myself that I will be coming back, so I’ll just remember to avoid schnitzel pizza and all will be well.  Tomorrow I’m leaving for Prague, be prepared for some more blog posts.

Berchtesgaden and the Eagle’s Nest

Today I went to Berchtesgaden, Germany.  This is a very small town near the German-Austrian border where Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagle’s Nest) is located.  The Eagle’s Nest was a 50th birthday present to Adolf Hitler from the Third Reich.  It is a house on the top of a mountain, reachable by a gold-plated elevator.  Ironic, because Hitler was afraid of heights.

Tunnel into the mountain to reach the elevator

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Gimmelwald Part 1: Hiking in Alps

Matt and Lyle left last Thursday.  It’s been one week since I’ve seen a familiar face or place.  Traveling alone in Europe isn’t scary.  Even though I am alone, I’m not lonely at all; I’ve met several locals and fellow travelers.  Some of the people here put my itinerary to shame.  I met a young man yesterday who sold all of his possessions and has been backpacking around the world non-stop for over a year.  I met another older gentleman who has spent eight months per year for the past 12 years traveling aimlessly from place to place.

I left Bern on Tuesday and headed southwest toward Interlaken.  From Interlaken, I took a series of trains and lifts up to a small mountain town called Gimmelwald.  This is one of the most untouched areas of the Swiss Alps and is certainly one of the most remote places I’ve ever been in.

In Gimmelwald, Switzerland

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Yesterday, I arrived in Bern, Switzerland via incredibly long and scenic trains from Italy.  I wasn’t expecting to stay here more than one night, I was a little surprised that I had booked a two night stay.  Apparently I don’t know my itinerary as well as I thought.

I spent most of the day today walking around exploring the city as well as visiting the Einstein Haus and Museum.

Bern, Switzerland

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