Ring of Kerry

This morning we slept in slightly.  I blame jetlag and the Irish weather.  Either way we set off for Killarney around 10am and took our first stop along the coast.

On the beach in Southwest Ireland

This was our last full day with the rental car so we decided to drive the Ring of Kerry.  For those of you that aren’t Irish, the Ring of Kerry is a 180 km scenic route through the southwest of Ireland.

A scenic lookout along the Ring of Kerry

Needless to say, the Ring of Kerry is full of hairpin turns, narrow roads, and tour buses.  So I am now a pro at driving in Ireland.

After arriving at Killarney, we went for a hike in the nearby National Park.

Hiking in Killarney National Forest

Tomorrow we are planning on seeing more of Killarney National Park so we should have some good scenic pictures.

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  1. hey! Driving .04 mph around a windy roady doesn’t make you a pro! 😉 anywho.. Fyi.. Please stay away from vegetables for awhile. There is a big e.coli situation going on in europe right now and I would hate for the two of you to get sick while you are there.

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