It hasn’t rained for the past two days.  It’s kind of weird.  Tonight is our third and last night in Killarney and we are exhausted.We started our Killarney experience with a visit to Ross Castle.

Katie at Ross Castle

After that, we rented a boat and rowed out to Innisfallen Island to check out the ruins of an ancient monestary.

Justin rowing across Lake Killarney
Katie in the ruins at Innisfallen Island

Katie decided to help row back to the shore.

Katie rowing across the lake

We toured the castle and hiked some trails at the National Park before heading to a pub in the evening.

Today, we rented bikes and rode the 30 mile Gap of Dunloe.

Justin at the start of the Gap of Dunloe
Katie riding the Gap of Dunloe

This was supposed to be a six hour bike ride and we finished in four hours.  We were proud of ourselves.  Tomorrow we are catching an early morning train to Kilkenny where we will be meeting Lyle.

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  1. Wait, wait, wait.. is that a boat? Justin are you in a boat? In real water? No way!!!! But, I love the fact that you are wearing a life jacket and Katie is not. 🙂

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