Dingle Peninsula

Today we rented bikes and rode around the Dingle Peninsula.  In all it was about 30 miles and 5.5 hours of bike riding.  We stopped a lot though to sight-see.

Getting ready for the bike ride

The route took us near the coast for about 15 miles and we enjoyed our time at the beach. Of course, it wouldn’t be Ireland without the fog and rain.  The sky did open up for a little while during the ride, but for the most part it was pretty chilly.

Katie taking a break on the beach

At times the road was perilous because there was a steep drop-off.

Katie on the bike path

Along the way, we found various surprises. Enjoy the pictures.

Overlooking the west coast of Ireland
Another Irish coast
Crucifix on the side of the road
Ice cream

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  1. Wow, did Justin eat that whole ice cream???!!! That looks really good.


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