Dublin to Kilkenny to Dublin

We successfully met up with Lyle by accident.  We were supposed to meet him at the B&B in Kilkenny.  However, his flight to Dublin was delayed and he missed his train.  We ended up running into him at the Dublin train station.  We had a couple hours to kill before catching the train to Kilkenny so we walked around Dublin for a bit.

Katie and Justin in front of St Patrick's Cathedral

Lyle is in Europe now

After finally arriving at Kilkenny, we checked into our B&B and ate dinner (and drank some pints) at the Kyteler Inn.

Lyle found a Guinness

Since Lyle hadn’t drank tea yet in Europe, we had to take a tea break.

Lyle drinking tea

This morning we ate the complimentary full Irish breakfast and toured Kilkenny Castle.  Photos were not allowed inside, but the exterior has an eery resemblance to the Kauffman Center at UNL.

Panorama of Kilkenny Castle (click to enlarge)

This afternoon we travelled back to Dublin and checked into our Hotel.  On the way to the hotel we ran into a marathon.

We found a marathon in Dublin

We walked around downtown Dublin for awhile before calling it a night.

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  1. Hey!! That’s funny how you met up with Lyle! And even funnier that you were creeped out by a Kauffman-esque building! You’re halfway across the world and still can’t get away from it! 🙂

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