Galway and the West Coast of Ireland

After travelling all day yesterday, we didn’t really have the energy to write any blog posts.  We just checked into the hostel, walked down to the piers, and slept for about 10 hours.  Today we did some grocery shopping before picking up our rental car and driving down the west coast of Ireland.

Driving down the coast

Driving wasn’t as difficult as I had feared.  Yes, the Irish drive on the wrong (left) side of the road and the driver’s seat is on the wrong (right) side of the car.  Since our rental car is a manual, this means I have to shift with the left hand.  This is a little difficult at first, but easy to get the hang of.  I only turned into the wrong lane once the whole day.

Oh and there are no traffic lights, on this side of Ireland at least.  99% of all intersections are roundabouts.  This is especially hectic when highways intersect.

Scenic lookout along the coast

We made it to the Cliffs of Moher early afternoon and enjoyed the sights.  It’s one of Ireland’s most visited attractions and was very cool to see up close.  It is nominated for the new 7 wonders of nature, feel free to vote for it at the Cliffs of Moher website.

Katie at the Cliffs of Moher

Tomorrow the plan is to bike ride around the Dingle Peninsula.  We have free wifi here so you can look forward to another post soon.

2 thoughts on “Galway and the West Coast of Ireland”

  1. This is mommy miller, the scenery looks gorgeous!!!! Drink it all in. Looking forward to hearing about the bike ride, sounds delightful.

  2. I just found this blog- I hope you don’t mind me stalking it and living vicariously through you guys! You didn’t find driving around Galway even the least bit terrifying?? I vividly remember speeding down “two lane” roads that are barely the size of one car, rock walls on both sides and praying that another car wasn’t going to appear in the other direction. When another car did happen by, you end up so far on the side of the road that the mirror gets pushed in from scraping against the vines on the wall… Maybe you’re a better driver than Nate was. 🙂 Dingle is gorgeous- I look forward to the pictures from it!

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