Rome Part 2: Colosseum and Forum

We started our day today with a visit to the Colosseum.  Since we had bought the Roma Pass, we were allowed to skip the 1.5 hour wait and get in very quickly.

Inside the Colosseum

After walking the upper and arena levels we exited to the west and saw the Arch of Constantine.  This triumphal arch was erected to commemorate Constantine’s victory at Melvian Bridge and was the beginning of Rome’s conversion to Christianity.

Lyle at Arch of Constantine

After the Colosseum, we made our way to the Roman Forum.  The Forum was the center of ancient Rome’s government and empire.  Today it is now largely ruins.

Matt at the Roman Forum

We walked around the Forum for awhile before heading up to Palatine Hill.  This hill is where the brothers Romulus and Remus descended to found Rome nearly 3000 years ago.  It too is largely in ruins, but we did enjoy the higher view of the city and the Forum.

On Palatine Hill overlooking Roman Forum

We ended the day with some pizza for dinner and a walk around the Colosseum at night.

Colosseum at night

Tomorrow is an equally busy day.  We have an early tour booked at the Vatican and afterwards we are going to try to see the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.