Sorry for the long break between blog posts.  Our hostel in Amsterdam did not have free wifi.  Lyle and I are now settled into our Paris hotel and I now have a good opportunity to share our Amsterdam experiences.

Lyle reading a Dutch newspaper

When we first arrived we were amazed by how everyone bikes everywhere.  Seriously, everyone has a bike.

Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam

After checking into the hostel, we visited the Heineken brewery.  This is our third and last brewery tour.

Heineken brewery

The next day we toured the Van Gogh Museum.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside.

Outside the Van Gogh Museum

We also went to the Rijkmuseum which is a Dutch museum and art gallery.  This contains several Rembrandt and Vermeer paintings.  Photos not allowed again.

Lyle outside Rijkmuseum

For lunch, we had some classic dutch herring.  It didn’t taste that good, so we had a hotdog as well.

Raw herring on a bun

We meant to tour the Anne Frank museum, however the line was about two blocks long.  We never made it inside.  Instead we wondered around Amsterdam for a few hours before calling it a night.

Amsterdam at night

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