Lake District Part 2: Hiking

Today we started early with a full English breakfast before beginning our hike around the perimeter of the lake.

Walking around the Derwent Water Lake

It rained for most of the day, so we purchased an umbrella before setting out.  We hiked up to a lookout point (a small mountain) for some incredible views of the town, lake, and valley.

View from the top

Tomorrow we are heading up to Edinburgh. We are both pretty exhausted from the ~10 mile hike so I think we’re calling it a day. The next place doesn’t have free wifi, so I’m unsure when the next post will be.


2 thoughts on “Lake District Part 2: Hiking”

  1. just want to prove that the last post was not a fluke. Looks like the weather is pretty good. Seen any famous people, besides the pres.?

  2. Found your blog cause twitter said I should follow you. But twitter was lame. Looks like I’ll be vicariously travelling Europe now. 😉

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