Lake District Part 1: Arrival

Today we traveled to northern England’s Lake District. On the way, we found the ruins of a castle King Richard III lived in for a few years.

Penrith Castle

We arrived early afternoon and decided to go on a quick walk by the lake. The views were gorgeous.

Lake District

And the were sheep running around made it even more fun 😉

Justin with sheep!

We ended the day with the traditional Fish ‘n Chips. The English sure know how to fry food!

Fish 'n chips

2 thoughts on “Lake District Part 1: Arrival”

  1. Katie, How dare you take the #1 fan title away from me! I have traveled all the way to the Lincoln SCC Campus to view your blog! It looks like you two are having fun and and seeing some pretty cool things. I don’t see any pics of Futbol Stadiums though! You should probably work on that. Also I am waiting with much anticipation to see some pics of the Loch Ness Monster!!!! Safe travels and I Love You!

    PS: Hi Justin! Also that jacket looks really good in the pictures!

  2. Hey! Enjoying the blog so far, but was wondering why there isn’t a beer sitting next to those fish ‘n chips?? You’re on vacation in a country that is famous for the phrase “get pissed” for goodness’ sake! 🙂

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