Cinque Terre

I am now by myself in Europe.  Matt and Lyle left last Thursday morning.  I haven’t had regular wifi, so this post is a little overdue.

From Rome, I caught a train to the tiny Italian town called Manarola along the northwestern coast.  Manarola is in a string of five small towns that make up Cinque Terre.  I spent three nights and two days here.

The town of Manarola along the Mediterranean Coast

After a full 11 hours of train travel, I arrived safely at my hostel and walked around the town a little bit to get some night shots of the town.

View of Manarola at night

The next day, I woke up and went on a hike to the two neighboring towns, Corniglia and Vernazza.  One of the trails was closed and I missed the detour signs so I was definitely in the middle of nowhere for a bit.  But that’s fine, because the views were spectacular.

Looking down towards Corniglia

On my last day in the Cinque Terre, I visited the other two towns: Riomaggiore and Monorosso.  The heat was miserable but its hard to complain when I’m surrounded by the coast of the Mediterranean.

Walking along the Mediterranean Coast

After Cinque Terre, I am leaving Italy for Switzerland.  The next two nights I’ll be in Bern.