London Part 2: Buckingham and National Gallery

Today was long.  After some slight trouble with the Tube (subway), we arrived at Buckingham Palace in time for the changing of the guards.  It was especially packed today because the guards were practicing for the Queen’s birthday and preparations were being made for Pres. Obama’s visit tomorrow.

In front of Buckingham Palace

Fountain in front of Buckingham
Katie and the Palace Guards

After Buckingham, we headed down to Wellington Arch, because Katie saw it and she thought it looked cool.

Wellington Arch

Justin dragged Katie to the National Gallery.  Katie got cultured with some Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo paintings.  No pictures were allowed though, so this is all you can see.  Sorry.

National Gallery

We hopped on a bright red double decker bus and rode it around downtown London for awhile.  It was really cool.

Double Decker bus ride

We ended the day at Abbey Road, where the Beatles took their famous album cover.  We tried getting pictures of us walking across, but there was quite a bit of traffic.

On Abbey Road

We have one more full day in London, before heading to the Lake District on Wednesday.   Hope you enjoy the pictures for now.

4 thoughts on “London Part 2: Buckingham and National Gallery”

  1. Thanks for the pictures and comments, and having them available so fast – just wanted to let you know it’s appreciated. I’m a travel bug, who has never been able to afford to travel, so I’m taking it all in. Your blog is really impressive! Have fun and hopefully you don’t run into any snags or mishaps like with your flights.

  2. That sure looks like a nice backpack you have there Katie. Looks like the weather is cooperating. Seen any famous people? See ya and be careful. Hi Justin.

    1. Hey Pops! The weather has been awesome so far. The backpack is working out great, thanks again for letting me borrow it 😉 We did see Obama and he is semi-famous…Justin says hi back. Love you – Katie

  3. Hello Justin & Katie:
    What an awesome vacation for the two of you. Great pictures and I’m sure you are both
    having a great time.

    I would love to see the Czech Republic, Austria, Sweeden, Switzerland, Ireland.

    Aunt Elaine is not a traveler so it won’t happen. Justin, when you get back to the states and if
    you are in Omaha, Aunt Elaine and I would love to see you and meet Katie. As you know, there will be a wedding coming up next May for sister Jillian. Take care.
    Uncle Sonny

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